Have you got a sales team and receive leads and enquiries?

My name is John McCarthy, founder of Zapalead. I’ve been in lead generation for over 10 years, and I’ve seen for myself the types of leads that come in and the pain points of distributing them in different environments. You can find out more about what I do here: www.flymehigh.com

Lead distribution can be frustrating and, in certain environments, can cause a lot of friction within your sales teams.

If we look at the different types of sales environments and not the size of an organisation, this is where Zapalead can help. The biggest point of tension we’ve seen is between salespeople that are on commission only and those who are on retainer. Commission-only generally has a very competitive culture.

For most managers, CEO’s or even small organisations, managing a competitive culture can be very difficult as when there’s a manual process for distribution there’s always a heightened feeling of ‘favouritism’ and this can cause a lot of headaches.

If your company or sales team is reliant on commission-only sales and you’re the ‘lead king’ (the person who gets all the enquires) then you need to look for a fair way to distribute your leads based on the environment itself.

Zapalead is designed to manage both retainer-based salespeople, commission-based salespeople and those that wish to sell their leads in both environments.

Here are the three main criteria you can use:

  1. Round Robin Lead Distribution: Great for simple 1:2:3 – 1:2:3 lead distribution and those who sell leads to a set group of lead buyers. This system forces the leads onto the individuals and they must accept them by default. The downside to this model is for those selling the lead; they will need to keep in constant contact with the lead buyer.
  2. Ratio Lead Distribution: This system is great for those with teams of salespeople. You may have teams or salespeople that work part time and some that work full time. As a simple example, if you have three salespeople and two work part time, you may want 50% of the leads to go to Jack and the remaining leads, 25% and 25%, to go to John and Sarah. This is very similar to the round robin method above.
  3. Preference Lead Distribution: This type of distribution is best for commission-only salespeople. The system will look for the last person that bought or accepted the lead and, based on your time frame, the system will hold that opportunity open for a set period. If the opportunity is not accepted, the lead will then go to the next salesperson. Once that agent accepts the lead, then they become the first agent to get the next lead, and the original initial agent/salespeople will be moved to the second position.
    Within this option, we have a scramble option. This will send the leads to all the salespeople at exactly the same time and is based on a ‘first up, best dressed’ system – there is no preference given to anyone. Their speed dictates whether they win.

Zapalead links with all the major CRM system, although you don’t need a CRM system to use Zapalead; we can connect this directly onto your website. If you would like to try our free trial, then click the link here and give it a go.