Welcome to Zapalead, the world’s first real-time lead payment gateway system.

With Zapalead, you can choose from our three lead distribution methods, enabling you to collect payment for your leads in real-time.

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Distribution Methods
Zapalead has three ways to distribute and collect payment for your leads before the recipient receives all the lead information. In other words, none of your leads are visible to the end user till they’ve paid you.

Option 1: You can use the traditional round-robin, which allows you to send leads via set ratios. Option 2: You can send a lead to all your salespeople simultaneously with the first to purchase the lead wins.

Option 3: You can use our top performer method, which allows you to let the algorithm self-regulate your leads by sending them to the top buyers of your leads, allowing the top buyer always to get the first bite of the cheery. You get to set the time frame the lead sits with each potential buyer.

What is a service commission?
There are zero monthly costs. When you send a lead, Zapalead will check the recipient’s credit card and pay the funds directly to your Stripe Account, and we will charge you between 2.9% commission against your credit card once you reach certain thresholds. These transactions will be identified in your portal against each lead that you've sold. If you wish to use our SMS distribution, you need to top up your account with SMS credits, and your card will be charged. There is a minimum top-up of $10 AUD.

Commission Structure
Once your first 100 leads go through we will change your threshold to $50 and bill this amount once your lead change of 2.9% accumulates to $50

If we paid you 20 leads x $50 = $1,000 our commission would be $79

Note: we only charge you once the funds are received into your stripe account, and this does not include any stipe payment fees, which are around 2.5%

Monthly Fees
Zero monthly fees

What happens to my credit card information?
Your card is stored securely with stripe, which we use as our primary payment gateway. Once your card is entered, we will charge a small fee of .50 cents and credit your card simultaneously. Once you have reached 50 free leads or 14 days, you will be billed your monthly fee or commissions for the lead income we’ve collected.

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