Welcome to Zapalead, the world’s first real-time lead payment gateway system.

Once you sign in you must set up your preferred payment gateway via stripe or PayPal.
We do NOT charge any monthly fees, and there are no contracts.

Your credit card information will be attached to your account and is only used to pay for SMS credits and our service commission. Our service commission is charged once you've received your funds, not before.

What is a service commission?
When you send a lead and that lead transaction is paid to your PayPal or Stripe Account; we will charge you between 8.5% and 12% commission against your credit card. These transactions will be identified in your portal against each lead that you've sold. The more leads you to sell, the lower the fees become. If you wish to use our SMS distribution, you need to top up your account with SMS credits, and your card will be charged.

What happens to my credit card information?
Your card is stored securely with stripe which we use as our main payment gateway. Once your card is entered we will charge a small fee of .50 cents and credit your card at the same time.

Credit Card Information

Your credit card will be billed .50 cents for validation purposes. We will credit your card in the same transaction. Your card will NOT be debited unless you receive funds into your account or you decide to top up your SMS account with SMS credits. When funds arrive in your account from selling a lead, we will process our 12% fee simultaneously. In other words, you only get charged once YOUR PAID. How good is that! However, if your card fails payment, we may restrict your account till funds have been cleared.

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